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We’re all about building relationships. Between you and your audience, and between you and us. With Madgex you don’t just get the best technology, you get the most experienced partner in the industry, for expert guidance, support, and consultation. Tap into our recruitment insight, mature understanding, and hands-on skills, whether we’re running your entire career center or providing your technology.

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We work with the leading interactive technology and gaming companies in the world.

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We help tech teams connect with engineers through our network of experts and agencies

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We are guided by integrity, innovation, collaboration, and a relentless

Our passion for the interactive gaming, Esports operations and corporate gamification verticals drive us every day to connect with our business partners that need the hottest and most talented uprising game developers, AI/VR pioneers, healthcare and corporate virtual animators, and visionaries that push the envelope of “what if.” These people and their imaginations inspire us and motivate us to connect pioneering businesses with the people that will build the products of the future.